Penn Animal Advocacy encourages people to value animals and seeks to help them in the most effective ways.

We are based at the University of Pennsylvania, but work with similarly minded groups in Philadelphia.

By trying to help animals in the most effective ways (i.e. do the most good for animals), we typically focus on animal agriculture, in particular factory farms. Animals are often raised in horrific conditions on factory farms, and over 56 billion farmed animals are killed each year. For people interested in working to improve the lives of animals, there are countless organizations to choose to support, and it can be difficult to know which ones are most effective.

There are many different approaches that animal charities take, such as:

  • Legal action: Many animal charities bring lawsuits to try and change conditions in factory farms or to try and change the status that animals hold under the law.

  • Education: Animal charities often try to affect the cultural attitude towards animals and the meat industry by handing out pamphlets of information or holding events that they hope individuals on the fence about animal causes will attend.

  • Animal Rescue: Some charities work to save as many farm animals (and abandoned domesticated animals) as they can, not only for the sake of the animals, but also so they can sometimes have the public interact with farm animals to realize that they are more than objects.
  • Industry exposé: Organizations infiltrate factory farms (often at legal risk themselves) in order to take videos of conditions in the hope of affecting the public’s opinion of the meat industry.

We hold events at the University of Pennsylvania to assess various ways of helping animals, and to advocate for people to help animals in the most effective ways.

Animal Charity Evaluators is a very helpful organization that researches many animal charities, determines what they are spending their money on, and how effectively they are spending that money.