Many people want their careers to work towards the alleviation of some giant real-world problem that affects all of humanity.

Maybe it’s environmental advocacy and policy-setting. Maybe the study, prevention, and curing of disease. Many such problems exist, but some have far fewer people working on them or have outsized potential impact on humanity’s fate and future. The purpose of the Future of Humanity Society is to analyze all such global existential problems and, applying an effective altruist mindset, and increase our relevant skill sets such that we can make a difference on these massive issues.

Our main focus is currently on building technical capacity in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. This is both because we feel that building beneficial and robust artificial intelligence is one of the great challenges humanity currently faces, and because machine learning offers us the ability to tackle other great challenges. To do this, we run a weekly paper reading group, two learning teams going through online courses, and several project teams.

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If you’re someone who’s interested in working on some of the world’s largest problems, we’d love to hear from you. Technical expertise is preferred but not necessary - we’re looking for smart, hardworking people from all disciplines. Reach out to us at

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