You have 80,000 hours in your career.

Choose how you spend that time well, and you’ll have a huge positive impact on the world. Choose badly and you might not achieve much at all.

80,000 Hours is an organization dedicated to helping you have the largest positive impact with your career. It has been researching the highest impact careers for four years with academics at the University of Oxford and their advice is tailored for talented young graduates.

All of 80,000 Hours’ research is available for free at their website. Their career guide takes you through the key steps to think about while choosing a career, and they provide profiles on many of the highest impact careers that they have found.

Take the 3 minute careers quiz and check out the more in depth careers guide!

Free Career Coaching Workshops

Our 80,000 Hours: Penn chapter offers a free career coaching service to help students plan for effective careers. Our coaches guide you through the 80,000 Hours framework in small groups, helping you to think about effective career options and actionable next steps.

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